Public Aquaria

No task is too large

Cairns Marine is one of only a handful of businesses in the world with the capacity to provide complete initial stocking of large public aquaria. Given our roots in the field of public aquaria, we have a profound understanding of the needs of these specialised organisations. As with the rest of our operation, we aim to be the best by offering a complete solution for a client’s needs.


Only Cairns Marine can offer export packages that include corals, invertebrates, small and large fish, sharks and rays. Additionally, only Cairns Marine has the capacity to deliver marinelife and substrates in the quantities required for major displays.


From delicate invertebrates to large sharks and rays, we have developed the expertise to handle and distribute large and delicate marinelife in premium condition worldwide. Among our many successful export shipments include several that have featured exclusively chartered Boeing 747 aircraft!


Each year public aquaria bring hundreds of millions of people in touch with the wonders of the marine world. We call it ‘Conservation through Education’ and we work very closely with our clients to maximise the conservation and education benefit associated with the display of Cairns Marine animals.

Only Cairns Marine has the expertise and proven track record to undertake large scale initial stocking of public aquaria. (photo: S.E.A. (Resorts World) aquarium)

The Silvertip Shark (Carcharhinus albimarginatus) – predator perfection on public display. (photo: SEA Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa)

Happy, healthy animals travel well.

Cairns Marine’s large animal expertise is in demand from public aquaria and researchers.

Only Cairns Marine can offer export packages that include corals, invertebrates, small and large fish, sharks, rays and substrates.


Large animal collection and husbandry requires a unique suite of skills, capacity and infrastructure. Our professional divers have extensive experience collecting sharks, rays and large fish safely and with minimal stress on the animals.


Handling and care of all animals in our shore-based facility is supervised by a curator with more than 25 years experience in public aquaria. Our husbandry protocols focus on animal health through excellent water quality, prophylaxis and pre-quarantine procedures.


Decades of experience shipping marinelife worldwide was recognised recently with a Tropical Innovation award. Customers benefit from proprietary shipping techniques, developed and used only by us, to deliver our animals in premium condition. Our solutions provide financial and ethical peace of mind by maintaining quality control over the entire supply chain.