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A Guide to the TRITON Method

The definitive guide to the TRITON Method set out as an easy-to-follow recipe in clear plain language steps. This guide will change the way you think about reefkeeping by demonstrating that it is possible to move beyond trial and error to conscious control of your investment. The TRITON Method delivers peace-of-mind while saving you money through avoided system crashes and water changes.

Please download a PDF version of the Guide to the TRITON Method below:

Format: PDF, file size: 8.7mb

Guide to the TRITON Method

TRITON Product information

The guide to all currently available TRITON products. Find out more about TRITON's comprehensive seawater analysis test, CoreChem products, supplements (trace and macro elements) and treatments for seawater.

Format: PDF, file size: 1.7mb

TRITON Products

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